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About Us

Enlighten Operational Excellence provides analytics tools, services and training to help organisations dramatically, quickly and continuously measure, analyse and improve operational performance. Enlighten supplements traditional Work Force Planning Management solutions by providing a unique fusion of metrics that measure waste and hidden capacity together with a behaviour transformation program that helps management to fully realise their potential. The Enlighten program provides transformational and sustainable operational improvements that yield an exceptional return on investment.


Since 1989 the three founders, Tony Tregurtha, Brent Churchill and Andrew Johansen, have worked together in Operational Improvement Consulting businesses. In 1996 they created the first generation of the Enlighten performance analytics software suite. In 2013, Enlighten opened offices in North America and expanded the Management Team. In 2014, Enlighten announced new members to its Advisory Board to support its expansion and growth initiatives.


Enlighten’s approach can be summed up as: “Seeing where to act, knowing what to do.”

At Enlighten everything we do is to:

  • provide meaningful metrics
  • enable managers to manage
  • foster proactive behaviors
  • inspire employee engagement

We are a global operational excellence firm that helps businesses dramatically elevate performance. We empower businesses by delivering impactful results.

Over the years, we have partnered with over 30 major local and international companies to unlock high performance. Our unique approach combines behavioural change consulting, analytics software, and management methodologies.

Few companies do what Enlighten does. We bring consulting and software technology together to drive huge business transformation and cost savings. We connect the dots between high engagement and better work practices.


Forward-thinking, innovative and visionary leaders


Join a global company empowering people and workplaces

We are a global operational excellence firm helping organisations achieve high performance through the right combination of data, expertise and engaged people. A career at Enlighten offers many exciting opportunities in dynamic work environments across the globe. Elevate your career to the next level with Enlighten.